Character Relations

Hello:  Welcome to the Character Relations page!  Here is where we keep everything that all the characters know about each other and themselves, along with how they think of the other characters.



  • Overall, Siege thinks pretty much the same for everyone;  they're all strangers.  As for the individuals, though, he knows more about some than others.  From what he knows about Zephyr, he is saddened to think of her past, but also thankful for her generosity and kindness.  Frisbee is… interesting, and he is very curious as to what being a walking mushroom is like.  Kara and Torinn are both very quiet, and that's fine, after all, he is pretty silent as well, although it does seem like they like to kill a lot; one more than the other.  Arilie is also pretty interesting.  She's a druid, but is unlike any druid he's ever met before, and she seems a bit open.  Well, more open than would think she would be after 4 years in the wilderness.  Liriene is probably the member he's the closest too.  They share many of the same thoughts and are often plotting together.  It was them, after all who found the boars first.
  •  Is Pan



  • Kara much like siege doesn't really like anyone here even thou she hate most of them she would probably stick her neck out to save any of them if she had to she mostly just doesn't trust them because of some past…..issues with other people. Ulsiege and Liriene are both odd and look like they might kill any one if they get a chance. Torrin is also odd but in her mind everyone is. Frisbee is a walking mushroom thing that is all that needs to be said. Zephyr is to nosey for her liking but sje thinks that might come in handy later you never know.. Arilie is actually who she likes the most she isn't what she thought a druid would be like and thinks that she actually might have the most in common with Kara out of the group.


  • Zephyr has mostly positive relationships with the rest of the party. She thinks Liriene is very energetic and fun to be around. Siege is mysterious, but she is happy to see another genasi. Arilie is unique and interesting, and Zephyr wonders if Arilie can also tell that nature is out of balance. Zephyr is suspicious of Kara, but wants to get to know her better. Frisbee is interesting. Torinn is scary, but she tries not to be scared around him because she knows what it feels like to be feared because of your appearance.



Character Relations

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