Liriene Monroe

Level 1 Human Bard



Alignment – Chaotic Good

Background – Entertainer

Le Stats

Str. = 9
Dex. = 15
Con. = 14
Int. = 11
Wis. = 13
Cha. = 16

Features & Traits

Spell casting
Bardic Inspiration
By Popular Demand

Proficiencies & Languages

Languages – Common, Elvish

Armor Prof. – Light Armor

Weapon Prof. – Hand crossbows, simple weapons, rapiers, longswords, shortswords.

Tool Prof. – Lutes, harps, flutes, fiddles, disguise kits.


Personality (Chosen from Background)

Trait – “I love nothing more than a good joke, even directed towards me.”

Ideal – “Beauty. When I perform, I make the world a better place.”

Bond – “I would do anything for the members of my troupe.”

Flaws – “I once satirized a noble who still wants my head. It was a mistake I’m likely to repeat.” “I’m a sucker for a pretty face.”


Liriene was once one of many hundred urchins roaming the streets of Waterdeep, where she scrounged for scraps since she was five years of age. Amid her scavenging for her own basic needs, she would often sing songs she picked up from workers, inns and taverns, and sometimes lullabies overheard from mothers in the slums. She’d earn small amounts of coin singing on the street curbs, or perhaps bits of soap and bread if she was fortunate. However, real luck came upon her when a troupe of entertainers that were preparing for an upcoming festival noticed her voice as she loitered about the outside of a tavern. Of course, being the sappy, flamboyant, and generally good-natured people they are, the bards gleefully welcomed her. The troupe taught her everything they knew, and she travels and lives with them until this day.

Liriene Monroe

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