Princes of the Apocolypse - 3/18/17

Session 1: Meeting the Characters
... among other things


It all started with 2 caravans.  Incapacitated, one caravan had been attacked the night before by a group of bandits, who took nothing except for wheels and the horses.  Left with a five day journey, the decided to wait for help.  Luckily, help came.

A second caravan came along not so long after the incapacitated group woke up, and they almost missed them entirely; only the sound of a bard's yell for help turned the mychonid driver.  It was love at first sight.  The second caravan accepted the first's plea help, and then they joined together on the road to Red Larch

The Characters

  •  Ulsiege:  Water Genasi Cleric
  •  Zephyr:  Air Genasi Sorcerer
  •  Kara:  Wood Elf Bard
  •  Frisbee: Mychonid Alchemist
  •  Liriene:  Human Bard
  •  Aralie:  Human Druid
  •  Torinn:  Dragonborn Barbarian


To Red Larch

After all the characters have gotten to know each other during the day-long ride, they decided to camp out in the woods.  The caravan that had not been raided by bandits only had enough food for themselves, ,so a source of food needed to be found for the entire group.  A quick look around showed the adventurers that there were two rabbits and a flock of crows in the surrounding area.  Upon failing to catch the first rabbit,  Ulsiege befriending the second one, and the flock of crows flying away to return two feet from where they were, no food was to be had.

Another look, however, brought Ulsiege, with his rabbit on his head, and LIriene to a set of boar tracks.  Upon following the tracks, they found a burrow of boars containing six in total: a mother and five babies.  Knowing what he had to do, Ulsiege gave a loud squawk that alerted the rest of the group, and then slammed his glaive into the burrow, bringing out the corpse of a baby boar, along with its charging mother.  Liriene was hit and gashed by the angry boar.

Although the rest of the group wasn't far behind, Ulsiege shook his glaive of the dead pig, prayed a prayer to Umberlee, and used her magic to again slash at the mother pig, killing instantly.  By then, the rest of the group was there.  Liriene was able to dispatch another baby boar.  With only 3 babies left, Frisbee the mychonid tried to enter the much smaller burrow to fish out the rest, but only succeeded at getting stuck.  Zephyr was able to successfully get him out, although another 2 boars exited along with him.  One was killed by Torinn with his mighty ax, and other bit at Ulsiege as he tried to tame it.  With rage in his eyes, Ulsiege again thrust his glaive into the burrow to kill the last boar, but only succeeded in drawing it out, leaving Torinn to kill the last two.

After the encounter, the group went back to campsite where Ulsiege cooked a meal and Liriene dried the rest of the meat into jerky.  The next morning, it was on to Red Larch.

Red Larch

The next few days were very uneventful, having enough food the last until Red Larch, they only stopped to rest.  Once at Red Larch, however,  the group first came across the horrid smelling tannery.  Lirience brought the boar skin into the tannery, and, realizing she was short on money, asked the tanner if there were any "odd" jobs to make up for the low amount of money.  The man smiled and said, "OF COURSE!  The other vendors are stupid in ways of money."  Realizing, though, that the man meant counterfeit, Liriene left the skins their to be tanned while the group looked for other ways to get money.  She left with a threat, saying that if the tanning as poorly done, she would kill him.

The group continued to and Inn by the name of The Swinging Sword, where they let the stablemaster pen up the horses.  Upon the stable masters return, Liriene promptly asked where she could go to make money, to which he answered, "The constable can help ye with that."

From there, the group split up into three groups, Torinn and Frisbee chilling in the inn; Liriene, Zephyr, Kara, and Ulsiege off to the constable; and Aralie going to the shady tavern across the street.

To the Constable

Ulsiege, Kara, Zephyr, and Liriene left the inn in search of the constable.  Liriene asked a passerby to point them in the right direction and they eventually came across the butcher shop.  Kara then asked the lady running the shop, and she gave them directions to one of the buildings.  Two doors down she later specified.

Upon knocking on the door, and gruff man opened it up and greeted the adventurers.  Liriene went straight to the point and asked him if their were any ways for them to make money.  The constable replied and said that a group of bandits had been plaguing the Long Road, and that money would be awarded depending on how many of them there are.  They asked for more information, but a vague description of where they may be was all that he could offer.  The four went back the inn and then separated again, Zephyr going to the inn, and the rest going to the tavern.

The Tavern

Upon entering the tavern, Arilie quickly found out that it was a gay tavern.  When she stripped of her vest and started dancing, only the ladies paid her any attention, some even tossing gold pieces her way.  The men however turned to inspect her and then looked away.

When the other three came in, they earned just as much attenion, Ulsiege getting the most, though, as his blue skin quickly gave him away as exotic.  Hoots and hollers erupted from the people gathered as Liriene and Ulsiege began to dance along side Arilie.  Here was another way to earn money.


To be continued next time…




Choose one of the five factions

(Detailed wiki pages are under construction)

       Factions are similar to political parties, religious organizations, or secret societies. All five factions have their reasons for opposing the spread of Elemental Evil. However, none fully comprehend the threat at the adventure's start. The Harpers and the Emerald Enclave operate on personal relationships, so characters may have met their contacts before the adventures start. The Lords' Alliance and the Zhentarim, on the other hand, have an elaborate system of pass phrases and secret signs that identify their agents to one another.



  1. One can never have too much information.
  2. Too much power leads to corruption.
  3. No one should be powerless.


To gather information throughout Faerûn, discern the political dynamics within each region or realm, and promote fairness and equality by covert means. Act openly as a last resort. Thwart tyrants and any leader, government, or group that grows too powerful, and aid the weak, the poor, and the oppressed.

Lords Alliance


  1. If civilization is to survive, all must unite against the dark forces that threaten it.
  2. Glory comes from protecting one’s home and honoring its leaders.
  3. The best defense is a strong offense.


To ensure the safety and prosperity of the cities and other settlements of Faerûn by forming a strong coalition against the forces that threaten all, eliminate such threats by any means necessary whenever and wherever they arise, and be champions of the people.

Order of the Gauntlet


  1. Faith is the greatest weapon against evil—faith in one’s god, one’s friends, and one’s self.
  2. Battling evil is an extraordinary task that requires extraordinary strength and bravery.
  3. Punishing an evil act is just. Punishing an evil thought is not.


To be armed, vigilant, and ready to smite evil, enforce justice, and enact retribution. This means identifying evil threats such as secretive power groups and inherently evil creatures, watching over them, and being ready to attack the moment they misbehave. (These are always retributive strikes, never preemptive.)



  1. The Zhentarim is your family. You watch out for it, and it watches out for you.
  2. You are the master of your own destiny. Never be less than what you deserve to be.
  3. Everything—and everyone—has a price.


To amass wealth, power, and influence.

Emerald Enclave


  1. The natural order must be respected and preserved.
  2. Forces that seek to upset the natural balance must be destroyed.
  3. The wilderness can be harsh. Not everyone can survive in it without assistance.


To restore and preserve the natural order, keep the elemental forces of the world in check, keep civilization and the wilderness from destroying one another, and help others survive the perils of the wilderness.

Adventure Hooks
For Character Creation

Choose one for your character background


Best Served Cold

The character must find and defeat Windharrow, the minstrel who attends Aesiri Kalinoth. Can be found in the Temple of Howling Hatred, inspiration will be earned once Windharrow is defeated.

Dangerous Information

It's a race against time- the character overheard cruel bandits planning a raid and intends to stop them. The bandits report to someone named Grimjaw in a place called Rivergard Keep. Inspiration will be earned for defeating the bandits.

Dangerous Secret

The character has been assigned to infiltrate the mysterious druids of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon and discover their true plans. The circle supposedly knows ritual magic unknown to other druids. Inspiration will be earned after finding the truth behind The Rite of the Wicker Giant.

Dark Omens(claimed)

The signs and portents are clear: nature is out of balance. Terrible disaster is drawing closer with every passing day. To restore the balance of nature, the character must destroy the four elemental nodes. Inspiration earned for each portal closed. 

Defeat The Skyriders(claimed)

Vicious raiders mounted on hippogriffs have laid waste to several small hamlets and merchant caravans, and the character has sworn to stop them. Clearing cultists from the Feathergale spire will earn inspiration, as will obtaining a flying mount.

Feathergale Rebel

The character has been sent to retrieve a Waterdhavian noblewoman. Savra Belabranta is currently guarding the front gate of Feathergale Spire. Inspiration will be earned for convincing her to return home as well clearing the tower.

The Fugitive

The character is on the trail of a ruthless murderer, Bastian Thermandar. Bastion is an important member of the fire cult and can be found in the Temple of Eternal Flame. Inspiration will be earned when he is defeated.

Hired Hand

Homesteaders who were kind to itinerant workers are now missing. The character sets out to have revenge and rescue any survivors. Inspiration is earned after defeating a specific Kenku or rescuing Bero or Nerise Gladham.

Madman at Haunted Keep

The character knows that unsavory sorts have occupied Rivergard Keep, and that there's a secret way into the castle. Using the secret entrance earns inspiration, as does clearing cultists.

The Mud Sorcerer

Months ago, the character was robbed by a genasi who killed several innocent bystanders. Now it's time to find Miraj Vizann and make him pay. Inspiration will be earned when he is found and when he is defeated. 

Ominous Dream

The character has seen the earth prophet, Marlos Urnrayle, in dreams and knows that Marlos is a dangerous villain who must be stopped. The character earns inspiration for finding and defeating Marlos.

Recover Your Sword

Thugs associated with the water cult broke into the workshop where the character is apprenticed, murdered the master smith, and stole the beautiful sword she'd made. The character earns inspiration for defeating Jolliver Grimjaw and again for recovering the sword.

Rescue Your People

Raiders from the fire cult have abducted people the character feels responsible for protecting. They must be rescued at any cost. Inspiration is earned for finding and again for rescuing/getting the captives to safety.

Seeking Revenge

Fire cultists torched the characters home or razed a defenseless village. The character is sworn to stop them. Inspiration is earned for deating Lyzzie and again for defeating Vanifer.

Settle a Score

Marauders in stony armor robbed the characters friends or family and left the character for dead. Now it's time to even the score. Inspiration is earned for defeating specific cultists.

Shatterkeel's Trail

Months ago, Gar Shatterkeel destroyed the character's ship by conjuring a powerful storm. Dozens of sailors died, and now the character is intent on revenge. Inspiration is earned for finding and again for defeating Gar.

Standing Offer

Months ago, the caracter set out as a guide for a band of mysterious pilgrims who set out to reoccupy the Sacred Stone Monastery. The characters mission is to infiltrate the group and discover their intentions. Inspiration is earned for succesfully joining the earth cult at the monastery and again for surviving an encounter with Renwick the lich.

Strange Map

An ancient map has come into the character's possession, showing the location of a long forgotten dwarven stronghold beneath the Sumber Hills. Inspiration is earned each time a temple is found in Tyar-Besil.

Suspicious Fellow

The character becomes suspicious of Thurl Merosska, a knight of the Feathergale society, and decides to investigate. Thurl is normally found in Feathergale Spire, and inspiration is earned for finding and again for defeating Thurl.


The character is tasked to break up a smuggling and piracy ring on the Dessarin River headquartered at Rivergard Keep. Inspiration is earned for successfully becoming a member of the water cult there and again for capturing or killing Shoalar Quanderil.

Walked Away

The character was briefly recruited by the fire cultists but never took up arms with them. Now the character wants to stop the villains before they give all mercenaries a bad name. Inspiration is earned for clearing Scarlet Moon Hall and reaching The Temple of Eternal Flame.

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